Ride With Neda – WHAT THE GU?

Eating properly before, during, and after every long ride has been crucial in providing the energy I need. I make sure I eat a decent meal of ground turkey, spinach, and quinoa about a half hour before I ride. I’ve been a fitness competitor and I still train and diet like one so I’m used to measuring balanced meals, taking them in tupperware and a cooler, and eating in my car, at work, in waiting rooms, at Starbucks, anywhere just to make sure I’m getting the nourishment I need all day.

I have experimented with different energy chews, gu’s, bites, and juices during my workouts on the bike. A little jolt of sugar makes all the difference between a lame workout and one that makes me feel like superwoman. Coach Julie has really created a kick-butt workout plan where every day is different. Some days I am doing sprints every 5 minutes or single leg drills. Other days I am going up and down, up and down, up and down Manzanita, then the next day I will hop on my bike and ride for up to 4 hours to Carson City and back. I’ve seen all parts of Northern Nevada and Tahoe while whizzing by on my bike and its incredible. I pass by quaint homes and large ranches, with the view of the Sierra to gaze upon. I try not to interrupt the horses chewing their grass but my Pandora radio (I listen to Pitbull on my iPhone in speaker mode) seems to always wake them up and they stare at me as I ride by. It’s as if they’re saying, your Pitbull rap music doesn’t belong here. Well don’t worry horsies, I’m going so fast you’ll forget about me in 3-2-1…

Anyway, I’d love to hear from YOU now. How do you eat to ride well – what type of Gu do you Chew?

Here are some of my faves… Watermelon Gu Chomps, baby food in banana-anything flavor (it’s the cleanest form of healthy sugar in a packet, promise!), Bolts from Whole Foods, and Shock Blocks (although they hurt my stomach).