Prepare for Carson City Off-Road

Silver Sage Sports and Fitness Lab is presenting two clinics to help cyclists prepare for the Carson City Off-Road, presented by Epic Rides. Joining April’s Whiskey Off-Road in Prescott, Ariz., and May’s Grand Junction Off-Road in Grand Junction, Colo., the Carson City Off-Road is scheduled for June 17-19. The race will feature three graduated distance course offerings, from professional to amateur, including the recently opened Ash to Kings Trail along west Carson City, and will offer a Pro Purse of $100,000 across all three events — the most significant cross-country mountain bike purse worldwide.

The first Silver Sage clinic will be held at the South Valleys Regional Sports Complex (15650 Wedge Parkway) on April 11, 2016 from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. Attendees will hear from Julie Young, head coach and director of Silver Sage Sports and Fitness Lab and pro XTERRA/mountain biker Suzie Snyder (a Silver Sage-sponsored athlete), who will discuss: the importance of  proper bike fit; how pelvic and spinal posture directly affect injury prevention and performance; efficient pedaling technique; off bike exercises to prevent injuries and improve performance; and key workouts to help riders prepare in the nine weeks leading up to the event. Attendees are asked to bring yoga mats and mini-bands to the first clinic.

The second Silver Sage clinic will be held May 16, 2016, from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. with the location dependent on weather. The clinic will help riders prepare for race day by discussing and possibly riding parts of the course, depending on weather and trail conditions. If the trail is in good condition, riders will be led on a course preview with discussion of technical considerations and riding technique demonstrations. In case of poor trail conditions, a road ride may be substituted and attendees will learn a key training workout that can be implemented for the remaining four weeks prior to event day. This clinic will take place on mountain bikes and attendees should come ready to ride.

A suggested donation of $15 is highly encouraged. It will benefit Bike Like A Girl, a local non-profit group empowering adolescent girls through cycling.