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Sugar Bowl Academy Nordic Ski Team, Coaches Corner

Below a post from Martin Benes, Head Coach for Sugar Bowl Academy Nordic Ski Team. We at Silver Sage Sports and Fitness Lab sponsor the Sugar Bowl program, lactate threshold testing these talented athletes in summer, fall and winter. I was recently at a USSA Nordic National Under-16 camp in Jackson Hole, WY. We had […]

Leadville 2014

Leadville 100 mile mtn bike race report by o2fitness long-time athlete, Andy Buckley… Tahoe July 19– to be totally honest the Tahoe Trail 100k was my mental moment of truth.  That is, it was to be a measure of my preparedness.  With my South African race in April, 2000 miles of dirt training and 180 […]

Leadville – just the start of the journey

  The following post by Sian Turner, o2fitness athlete extraordinaire…. It’s difficult to describe the Leadville 100 mountain bike race to anyone who hasn’t experienced it first hand.  There is something about it that is hard to put a finger on; I guess it has a similar allure for mountain bikers that the Kona Ironman […]

Adopting the Will of Whillans

Brad Rassler’s regular post, continued… After re-reading my last post I became so depressed I had to go out and have a breakthrough week. So I did. I’ve been on the mountain bike more than the road bike these days, reasoning the extra oomph required to pedal through dirt would translate well into the fall […]

Once a Racer, Always a Racer

We at o2fitness Coaching and Training and Silver Sage Sports and Fitness Lab are proud to sponsor Ride2Recovery and Project Hero.  Below is a brief overview of these life-saving programs, followed by a testimonial from, Wes Washoe, one of our sponsored Ride2Recovery athletes. Ride2Recovery’s mission is to improve the health and wellness of injured veterans by providing […]

Turning Adversity in to an Asset

WARNING: This post contains cathartic commentary As I am watching the Tour de France with crashes knocking out favorites, it reminds me that sport provides a micro-cosm of life, magnifying the ups and downs. And I am reminded that it is how we deal with adversity’s depth of depression and disappointment that reveals the character to […]

Hakuna Matata?

Brad Rassler’s quest continues So this guy limps into Vermont… I traveled to the East in May with high hopes of using the Green Mountains as my aerobic proving grounds, but developed a case of Achilles tendonitis that has hamstrung my midlife comeback story. It’s nobody’s fault but mine. Rather than adhering to Julie’s running […]


My Name is Corey Blatchford, and I am a Medically Retired Veteran.   I served close to a seven years in the US Army as a 12B Combat Engineer.  I entered the Army in 2004 to support and defend my country.  I was deployed to Iraq in 2006-2007 for 15 months, and on my last month […]

Brad Rassler – Now where were we?

The continuation of an on-going blog by Brad Rassler Oh, right. On Mt. Tam with Bruce Dern and me at home, nursing a crapped-out Achilles. Since that post well over a month ago, I’ve driven some 2,888 miles to the Green Mountains of Vermont. I consumed seven donuts on the Trans-Canada Highway. I occupied my […]