Melinda’s MoJo

Donner-Summit-She-Women1For our ride today we wanted an alternative to going up Lincoln and the frontage roads to Applegate.

We found off the beaten path roads – ended up going through Christian Valley and up and down on the hills in Meadow Vista for a total of 28 miles and 2500 feet of climbing.  We took it slow – so it took a little over 2.5 hours.  In the past on rides like this with my husband Alan, I usually end up feeling frustrated and tired and start whining and it all ends up to be a death march. It was the total opposite of that today!  Alan showed me the route and I agreed to it. I decided to let myself feel strong when climbing, but on some of the steeper ones, just going slow and steady.  I kept thinking about my training group compadre, Barbara and her excitement for being on the bike and allowed that energy to take over. Taking in the views of a new route and the great day outside and the feeling that I CAN do this – what a difference!! Oh my – It was FUN!  I’m so excited that I actually had fun on a long Sunday bike ride!!

I’m looking forward to round #2 of the 10-week Auburn Cycling Training Group!