Grow Through Training

I don’t know about you, but my needs and wants are constantly changing in life. I have found the same shifts to take place with athletic goals and desires as well. Once I achieve a goal, such as becoming a faster and stronger cyclist, I reflect upon what’s next. Sometimes it means shifting what my focus is, which is now moving back toward competing in triathlons to see what I can do with my improved cycling skills.

For me, these changes in goals and priorities have helped to keep myself from becoming burnt out and stay excited about sports overall. As a runner, swimmer or a cyclist, it has been easy for me to switch from one sport to integrating all three into what I do.

Being honest with myself and what I want has helped me to learn that sometimes I need a break from criterium and road races to race against myself as a triathlete. This has enabled me to return to my choice sport of the season and has also helped to even out the tan lines as the season has progressed.