Holy Cow What a Huge Difference

Heidi_MaderaCritI had a bike BG Specialized- Dartfish analyzed bike fit at Silver Sage Sports Performance Center with Julie Young…my post-fit experience below…
I rode about 45 miles today at a somewhat hard pace.  I was able to ride with the faster guys in the group, who are solid to faster men in the Reno Wheelemen races, for the whole ride.  I was definitely feeling it in my legs, but I NEVER felt pain in my back and hip.  Before we started, one of the guys I rode with on Wednesday complimented me on how strong I rode that evening and I was able to stay with him for the entire ride today.

I’m SO STOKED!!  I’m feeling like I can actually start making an upward progression now that the pain isn’t limiting me.  I’ve been hesitant to get out and train more duration because I was afraid of being in agony.  It’s so amazing to have that in the past.
I’ll be telling EVERYONE about your awesome bike fit service!
Heidi  Littenberg