When in Doubt, Follow the Training Plan

I’v been riding and racing bikes for many, many years. During that time, there were times when I used a training plan and times I did not use a training plan. Really, for a good part of my cycling career I did not use a training plan. I can definitely say it is better to use a training plan if you want to have any kind of success.
When I didn’t train with a plan, my training was very random. I did get strong but I really didn’t get much stronger. I also ended up pretty tired a lot of the time. The times I did use a training plan, my workouts were structured, progressive, meaning they increased as I got stronger, and I had quality rest.
After not racing for 12 years I took it back up last year doing just a handful of races. This year, I’ve decided to race a little more and utilize Julie Young as a coach and trainer which includes Julie’s training plan. This is great! I am a pretty busy person and one of the benefits of Julie’s plan is that she creates it all and I just go do it. Then report back to her as to how it was.
It’s very streamlined and it’s all quality. I already feel like I am benefitting from it and I’ve only been on it for a month.
Sure, I’ve raced for years, but because of not racing for a long time, I was felt like I lost my edge. Julie helps me stay focused. I tune out my negative thoughts and incorporate her positive input.
So between the interval training parts of the plan and the positive feedback and support, I was able to place 10th in my first race back this season. The majority of the racers were pro women, and the field was about 30 strong. So the 10th place finish for me was a success. This is just the begining too.
There’s one more thing I want to mention about using a training plan. No more flip-flopping around about what should I do for training and when I should do it, how many, how hard, etc. No more indecisiveness about what I should do. I just follow my training plan and I trust in it.