Team City Junior Mock Race Clinic

Looking forward to Taking It To the Streets coaching the Sacramento Team City Juniors in a Mock Race.

Its a great opportunity to share my experience and perspective on all of the ingredients that contribute to successful racing. It starts with the bike fit for efficiency and handling, and consistently following a well-structured training plan.


But fitness is only the very basic requisite that allows us to be a player in the race – its ultimately positioning near the front; conserving when possible in order to use “it” when it counts; reading the race and learning better what to expect; and employing intuitive tactics – for me this means listening and acting when the small voice says “go”, to go without hesitation or doubt.

For this clinic we have recruited some of the area’s women racers to act as mentors, and help create a more dynamic challenging mock race feel for the juniors. Mentors are sure to gain as much knowledge and experience as the juniors.

The Mock Race format as follows…


We create teams of four.

For the initial part of the race – we have the teams huddle-up  and devise their team plan. We race a one lap race, each lap the team designates one leader. They as a team will figure out how to best help the designated leader, based on his or her strength, win the race. Each person on the team will have the opportunity to be the designated team leader. After each lap – we regroup and critique tactics as well as answer questions.

During the second part of the race –  two sprint lines are marked on the course, and the teams will practice giving lead outs, again rotating the designated sprinter.