Breaking Barriers Women’s Race Ride

Check out the Breaking Barriers Women’s Race Ride we have created…

Breaking Barriers Race Ride (2)

There are bunches of training race rides (River Rides, Coffee Republic, Folsom Bike, Drop Ride, Wheelmen races, etc), which i think are invaluable training tools for leg speed, and dig-deep high intensity efforts. But I am hanging on by the skin of my chin in these training race rides – with not even a chance to throw down a well-timed race tactic.

Breaking Barrier provides just that venue for women to get a high intensity workout and take advantage of the opportunity to gain race tactic experience. As a successful racer – you must have the basic requisite of fitness to be a player, but ultimate success is knowing how and when to conserve in order to use “it” when the small voice of intuition says, “Go!” You learn by trying and this venue provides the perfect opportunity to race with clever, intuitive abandon and leave it all out on the road.

Let me know if you are interested, and I will add you to the Breaking Barrier FB page