RAAM – Am I Really Ready?

Contributed by Silver Sage-powered Bike Like A Girl RAAM team member, Andrea Williams.


Eighteen days until race day….am I really ready???? This is the big question that we are all
asking. At this point, does it even matter what the answer is? We will be at the starting line
ready or not. There is not much we can do about it now, short of making sure our tires are


It gives me such peace of mind to know that Julie Young has been making sure we are all
ready, and it hasn’t just been up to me. I was able to give this a test this Sunday. Several of
us traveled to the Eastern Shore of Maryland for a long ride. This ended up being my longest
ride ever at 110 miles. Not only did getting in this much mileage give me confidence that I will
need at the starting line, but I can honestly say that I felt consistently strong throughout the
entire ride in spite of the head winds.

Thank you Julie, for making sure we are ready for the race of a lifetime!