We Are All Capable of More than We Do

Contributed by Lucie Oren, Silver-Sage sponsored Reno WheelWoman…

Don’t be afraid to push yourself and more importantly, listen to your coach and team director!   Last Saturday, I tested my limits during a crit and pushed hard during the race.  I tried to chase after three Cat. 3’s as they made a break-away and seriously spent some gas.  After being in a great position on 2 laps to go, I found myself totally spent on the backside of the bell lap and came in 11th.  My race director and friend, Heidi Littenberg, told me I must work harder on those Endurance days…that it will help me last till the end.


 On Sunday, the following day, my coach Julie Young had a 3-hour hilly endurance ride on the schedule.  Per Heidi’s suggestion, I rode hard even though my legs were tired from the race the day before.  The next day, I was super tired, fatigued, and sore.  I emailed my coach asking her if I should even do the Tues. night road race almost secretly hoping she would say, “Sure, rest up…give those legs another day off”.  But, nooo!  She said to race and to “….do it with confidence and conviction”.

So, I did.  And I PR’d the course.

Julie is a great coach.  She gets you dialed in and knows how much to push you.  She figures out your challenges and pushes you, teaches you, supports you!  Whether it’s cycling, running, triathlons, snow sports training…Julie is awesome!