Racing to Stay Present

Contributed by Silver Sage trained Triathlete-Trixie Bradley…

It was a day before my race and I had emailed coach Julie Young for some advice for race day.


I was trying to strategically and mentally prepare for the toughest part of a triathlon for me…the RUN!  I was thinking if I could mentally have a plan I could run faster.  Julie called me that day and told me that the training I had done was all in place and I should just be PRESENT for the race.  Don’t think about anything else but just giving it all you have and truly being there in every moment.  I, so eager to do my best listened intently and heard every word she said.  However,  in my mind I was thinking I think I am always present!!


It wasn’t until the 3rd lap of 4 on the bike that I had that AH HA moment.  During the first 2 laps I was clued in to my speed and was staying very consistent with my pace.  I felt strong and alert.  It wasn’t until the 3rd lap that my mind began to wonder.  A few minutes must have gone by before I realized and asked myself are you present?  I looked down at my speedometer and the answer was very clear.  My speed had slowed and I was not present in that moment.

A BIG smile came to my face!  Coach Julie was RIGHT!  I pulled my thoughts back to the present moment on my bike and picked up my speed once again.  Throughout the race there were multiple times I had to check myself and ask myself if I were truly there in that moment or was I letting feelings of fatigue draw me away.  I was determined to not let fatigue win and to stay there in every moment to push as hard as I could.  I ended up taking 1st place in my age division.  It was Julie Young advising me to stay present that brought me a victory!

Hiring Julie as my coach was the best decision I have ever had made. The knowledge and skill she has is so tuned into what I need as an athlete and she always has words of wisdom that resonate in my soul!

Thank You Julie Young!  You are the best!

Trixie Bradley