Winter Training

Well apparently we ARE going to have a winter. I was getting used to all the nice weather we had through Jan & Feb. I did feel mildly guilty about enjoying the warmth when we should of been in the middle of cold winter weather.
However, it’s here now. Time to shift gears again and bundle up for some outside quality training.
I always wear more warmth than I should. I’d rather peel off the layers than have nothing to put on over what I am already wearing. Since I’m a cyclist, I try my best to keep my legs warm. My muscles tend to tighten easier and are more susceptible to cramping when they are not warm enough. So I bundle up my most critical muscles.
Another thing I make sure to do is stay hydrated. Even though it’s cold and I may not seem to sweat, I know I still need the hydration.
Just finished another race in the cold this past weekend. I fought with it a bit at first but because I was warm enough and hydrated enough, it wasn’t such a battle for me. I may call that tricks of the trade but it’s really just common sense.