Triathlete Todd Turns Adversity in to Triumph

The Folsom Sprint Triathlon proved a HUGE difference from the Tri For Real Olympic Distance race last weekend.  After suffering from dehydration and low energy last weekend, I definitely learned my lesson for today.  I drank copious amounts of water and “carbo” loaded (pizza and spaghetti) the last two days prior to the event.  What a difference!  I felt great in warm-ups; strong and energetic.  In the swim, I wanted to follow  my two basic rules:  relaxed recovery and forceful expulsion of air under water. The most common mistake I make is to not expel my air after breathing, causing oxygen deprivation after a couple of minutes.  It proved a little difficult to weed through previous waves, but I ended up with the fastest swim split overall by about 1:50.  More importantly, I felt fast and in control, knowing I was having a great swim.  After a quick transition to the bike (1:05, 3rd fastest)  I wanted to make sure to build into the bike and focus on keeping a high cadence for the first 5-7 miles of “uphillish” riding to conserve power.  I knew I was going well with good, fast, race pace breathing, but great energy.  I ended up with the second fastest bike split overall and again, more importantly, knew I had a good bike leg based on my cadence and perceived power.  I posted the second fasted T2 at :44 seconds and immediately got into my rhythm on the run.  I wanted to make sure I stayed powerful and focused on the run.  I ended up with the 7th fastest run split, but was happy with the effort and focus.  I ended up as the fasted overall amateur behind a young,  pro triathlete by 1:56.  While the final ranking feels great, I am most pleased with the fact that I raced hard and executed on the race goals and preparation.

Todd Heinzen, o2fitness Athlete