Specialized Body Geometry Bike Fit Certification

This winter I attended the SPECIALIZED BODY GEOMETRY FIT BIKE FITTING CERTIFICATION – what a blast and  invalauble educational and professional opportunity.

The Body Geometry FIT program is the most comprehensive bike fit education in the industry. Working with Dr. Andy Pruitt and his team at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, the BGFIT process has been refined into a step by step fit method to deliver personal, hands on bike fit to help cyclists ride longer, faster and in greater comfort.

The BG FIT intensive certification included:

• Fundamentals of fit

• Pedaling biomechanics

• Cycling anatomy

• In-depth physical assessment techniques

• Advanced cleat, saddle and handlebar positioning

• Z-plane fit techniques

• The proper use of arch supports, wedging, and stance width adjustments

• Triathlon positioning

• Positioning for specific medical conditions

The certification provided an understanding of neutral bike fit philosophy, comprehensive physical evaluation skills, and the ability to conduct advanced fits.

As a BG fit bike fit technician I first take you through a 20-point physical assessment in order to tailor the bicycle to your unique physiology. The BG fit protocol offers a systematic approach to the traditionally subjective approach allowing us to achieve your most anatomically sound and biomechanically efficient fit. As a Specialized Body Geometry Bike Fit Certified Technician, I blend this science-based protocol with my years of bicycle racing at the elite national and international level to professionally fit your bike to your individual biomechanics.

In addition Silver Sage Sports Performance Center’s comprehensive bike fit employs Dartfish video analysis to capture your pedal stroke frame by frame to insure and confirm proper measurements of key angles. You are provided with a Dartfish mediabook to review your key pedaling positions, and if needed prescribed corrective/strengthening exercises to further improve your biomechanical and performance efficiency.

Bike fits available for road, hybrid, mountain, time trial and triathlon bikes.

In addition to performing professional bike fits at Silver Sage Sports Performance Center in Reno, I have recently been hired by Victory Velo in Auburn as the lead bike fitter and resident coach.