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We are proud to announce new and improved services. Read on…

Silver Sage Sports Performance Center has just installed the ParvoMedic True One Metabolic and Vo2Max testing cart. This is the unit currently in use at the US and Canadian Olypmic training-centers. The lactate threshold and Vo2max testing equips individuals with the tools to fine tune training. The science-derived test data allows athletes, from elite to recreational, to maximize their precious training time investment, determine individual fitness strengths and weaknesses, and to track training effectiveness. Professional bike fitting and gait analysis helps ensure biomechanical efficiency and is applied to help injured athletes return to action, provide injury prevention strategies and/or improve performance.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Testing

  • Provides scientifically derived  individualized, baseline daily caloric requirements
  • Indicates the body’s utilization of fats and carbohydrates for fuel at rest
  • Relevant for individuals interested in maintaining or losing weight

Vo2Max Testing

  • Indicates the body’s ability at maximum efforts to deliver and utilize oxygen during exercise
  • Measures cardio-respiratory fitness and aerobic performance potential
  • Estimates the body’s utilization of fats and carbohydrates at various intensity/heart rate levels
  • Identifies ventilatory threshold and corresponding lactate threshold to determine individualized training zones based on heart rate or power production

Lactate Threshold Testing

  • Measures blood lactate concentration – the best indicator for endurance athletic performance
  • Measures muscle metabolism during exercise
  • Estimates muscle fiber recruitment pattern
  • Scientifically identifies lactate threshold – the most valid physiological marker from which to develop specific individualized, heart rate or power production, training zones

RMR, Vo2Max and Lactate Threshold Testing Costs – $175 for one test; $295 for any of the above two tests* 

Professional, Dartfish Video Analyzed, Bike Fit

  • Fit performed by Julie Young, former  12-yearUS National Team/World Championship team member
  • Fit protocol utilizes aspects from systems developed by US National Cycling team; Specialized Body Geometry fit system; and Chris Powers, USC Movement Performance Institute (MPI)
  • Includes a 20-point biomechanical and flexibility assessment
  • Prioritizes tailoring fit to the individual’s range of joint and muscular motion and biomechanical strengths and weaknesses
  • Dartfish video analysis utilized to capture key fit positions to ensure accurate joint angles
  • Fit balances the individual’s comfort with the optimal power output/aerodynamic position
  • Includes guidance on strategies (developed at Athletes’ Performance and USC-MPI) to improve flexibility, strength and neuromuscular activation to continue fine-tuning and optimizing biomechanics, position and power output

Bike Fit Cost – Two hour initial fit, road- $200; time trial/tt-$250 includes one follow-up fit on same bike*

 Comprehensive Gait Video Analysis – Coming Soon

  • Analysis performed by Julie Young, USC Movement Performance Institute  (MPI) Specialist
  • System developed by Dr. Chris Power, PT and USC researcher and leading biomechanist
  • Analysis effective to return runners, walkers, team sport athlete to sport, provide injury prevention strategies, improve efficiency and performance
  • Key gait phases captured and analyzed with Dartfish video analysis
  • Learn proper body and joint position to optimize power and efficiency while reducing ground forces
  • Identify individual muscular and biomechanical weaknesses that are causing pain or potentially leading to injury
    • Address with individualized specific strength, neuromuscular activation and movement strategies (developed at Athletes’ Performance and USC-MPI)

Gait Analysis Cost – two hour analysis with Dartfish, and individualized strength program -$350*

Performance Training and Endurance Coaching

  • Tri-athletes (road and Xterra), runners (road and trail), cyclists (road and mountain), skiers (Alpine and Nordic)
  • Learn to utilize physiological test results as tools to improve training efficiency
  • Individually tailored daily training developed around an individual’s current fitness, future goals and life schedule – to maximize limited training time and achieve results
  • Science-based systematic ally progressed training helps individuals avoid injury, fitness plateaus and overtraining,  while ensuring improved fitness/performance

Training and Coaching Cost – start at $200/4weeks delivered via TrainingPeaks*

*Group discounts and team sponsorships available

For further information or to schedule an appointment, please visit or or email; or call 775/853-9394.