Performance Metabolic Efficiency Assessment

We are excited to introduce this new cutting edge testing protocol to Northern Nevada endurance athletes.   If your goals races are 4-6 plus hours, this testing will provide the specific heart rate, power and/or pace to further focus your workouts and maximize your training investment.

An important predictor of your ability to finish strong in longer races is how well your body utilizes fat as a fuel source.    During a race or even a long training session, it’s impossible to ingest as many calories as you are burning.  As a result, your body depends on breaking down fat to get more energy.    If you find yourself bonking during an event and /or having gastrointestinal distress during races, our performance metabolic efficiency assessment will give you the information you need to improve your fat utilization.  At the end of this test, you’ll precisely know:
1. Caloric expenditure at various heart rates and intensities
2. How to preserve carb stores in order to decrease the amount of fuel replenishment required
3. How to increase fat as fuel, so you can perform workloads faster, longer
4. Lactate levels for your various metabolic zones