Off-season Team Training Starts

Launch of the Combine Team City-Rio Strada,Off-Season Team Training Plan.

Monday kicks-off training for members from the Sacramento area cycling teams – Team City and Rio Strada. This committed group is getting the jump on next year’s cycling season – instituting off-bike stability and mobility for improved on the bike performance. Its a  methodical, attention to detail approach that hit with purpose, diligently and consistently, reaps race-result rewards. While it is pulling teeth to get most endurance athletes to do off-endurance foundational work – it is ultimately the the key to in-sport durability, injury prevention and improved performance.


The plan includes daily training posted on Training Peaks; periodic group training to cover newly introduced elements and ensure proper technique; an exercise video library to provide an at-the-fingertips visual/verbal reference; and coach- individual athlete communication.

The off-season training objectives are –  hip activation for improved brain to glute communication – we need to feel it before we can effectively strengthen it; trunk stability – to train and maintain, through endurance that pillar-like, neutral spine in cycling (and running) – creating a sound base to effectively generate powerful movement to the extremities;  hip/pelvis/trunk and single leg stability for improved hip, knee, toe mechanical soundness and muscular strength; and movement training to train the nervous system to orchestrate the developed muscular strength to efficiently and powerfully produce and direct linear force in to the pedal (or foot strike).

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