Mountain Bike Madness

o2fitness -athlete, Travis Boucher on a roll, winning last weekend. Take a read below of his race recap…Now its on to his first national level race at Bonelli.

I was so excited for race #4 because I had my new carbon Specialized Stumpjumper Hardtail (carbon awesomeness on Strava). Oliver at Roseville Cyclery helped my parents buy me this awesome bike.
I did my usual 4-mile warm up around the oaks. The only thing that wasn’t good was that I had gone to my friend’s birthday party the night before so I was a little tired. My mom helped me get a front row start again. I had a great start and stayed with the lead group this time. I was almost taken out by a bad crash. A kid wasn’t paying attention and skidded sideways into a wooden post, banging into it. We were all going pretty fast but luckily no one hit him.

After that I had to catch up to the lead group of 6-10 riders but we weren’t paying attention and missed our turn, ADDING about .2 miles to our race. We were all very confused when we came back to  the middle of the pack. I basically sprinted all of the way across the levy to try and catch the rest of the field. I thought, ‘It would be a shame for me to miss the podium for missing our turn.’

So thanks to Julie Young’s awesome training, I sprinted (or tried to sprint) the whole first lap. I passed as many Novice High School looking kids kids as I could find. I got into my second lap and sustained a very good pace. I only passed one novice HS kid on my second lap and had no idea how I finished. I rode as hard as I could and got FIRST in HS Novice class out of  30 racers.

Thanks to Roseville Cyclery for sponsoring me, Specialized for the AWESOME bike and Team RC for the support. Also, thanks to O2Fitness for the bike fits and training.