Hip and Trunk Stability, Glute Activation, and Trunk/Core workouts are not just for cyclists!

WP_20130203_028By Lucie Oren, Team Roseville Cyclery rider

When I began working with Julie as she coached our team with pre-season plans I thought, “Ok Lucie, you have to face the dreaded core work!”

What I have found are a few pleasant surprises.  The workouts are fun.  They are easy with the help of very informative and detailed videos.    And, I feel great afterwards-more limber, more flexible, and my body just feels good.

The biggest surprise though was when I went skiing!  I could literally feel the difference in my trunk and hips-increased flexibility, increased leg and hip stability, and more control while ripping down the hill at 40+ mph!  Talk about an increase of confidence at speed!

We often work on core for many different sports.  Thanks to Julie I have learned the importance of also working on hip activation, stability, mobility, and strength.  And let us not forget the glutes!  That’s a good chunk of muscle to pull strength from and we should use it!

Julie has a wealth of fitness knowledge and applies it along with sports biomechanics to help our bodies work like a well-oiled machine.  She stresses quality vs quantity, which has really helped me to slow down and connect to every single rep.  This way of thinking forces one to get “in tune” with what the exercise is designed to do while at the same time it teaches you to connect your mind to the intention.  This reaps huge rewards!

Thank you, Julie!