The Straight Talk on Silver Sage Services

Physiologic testing provides the tools to maximize your training time investment. Below starts a three part series including – Who Can Benefit, Tests Available and Tools to Take Away, and finally Why Test. Please give a holler if we can answer additional questions.

Part I – Who Can Benefit?

We at Silver Sage Sports and Fitness Lab realize the term sports performance center can be intimidating – our services primarily serve those busy individuals determined to optimize their limited workout time and achieve results.


We offer a complete menu of physiological tests to support individuals pursuing a range of fitness goals, from weight loss and general fitness to master athletes and elite competitors looking to peak for their next event. Testing and the resulting training tools can be effectively applied to athletes of all abilities and interests, across a variety of disciplines. We work with a range of aerobic, endurance-inclined clients, including

  • Triathletes, road and Xterra
  • Runners, road and trail
  • Cyclists, road and mountain
  • Hikers
  • Snowshoers
  • Nordic skiers

Testing can also be helpful to those more anaerobically-inclined athletes such as track runners and Alpine skiers.

Andy Pasternak established and owns Silver Sage Center for Family Medicine, as well as Silver Sage Sports and Fitness Lab. Julie Young is the Director of Silver Sage Sports and Fitness Lab and owner/head coach-performance trainer at o2fitness Coaching and Training.