Ready, Set…Ski and Shoot

Patrick Johnson, Silver Sage sponsored athlete and Far West Elite XC Ski Team member fresh off the biathlon circuit, reports…


Below is a clip from a recent biathlon sprint race I competed in last month in Soldier Hollow, Utah. So far this season I’ve travelled to races in Canada, Minnesota, Alaska and Utah. In the coming month I’ll be heading to races in Idaho, New York, and Wisconsin, and then I’ll be back in Truckee in March for the biathlon national championships, hosted by Auburn Ski Club.

This time of year, our body builds up a lot of fatigue from all of the racing and travelling, and our priority is to keep ourselves rested and healthy for our upcoming races.


One of the reasons we do large amounts of intensity and volume training in the summer and fall is so that we have a good training base built up, which allows us to “coast” through the season. With so much racing and travelling, we have less energy and time to put into other training sessions, so we rely heavily on that large training base we built to keep us fast and fresh thorough the winter.

Photography courtesy of Jakob Ellingson