Life’s too short to not enjoy cross-training!

I love how Julie says, this time of year, do what you love, mix it up, enjoy those cross-training-endurance days!


I have snowshoed a bunch since the beautiful white stuff has started falling in our area.  It’s such a great workout for the lower body.  I can really feel it in my quads, glutes, hips, and even in my abs/core.  When I snow-shoed last year I experienced sharp pain in my left hip.  Not this year!  The off-the-bike training from Julie has seriously helped my hip strength and flexibility.  I am now able to snowshoe 5 miles including steep ascends, pain-free!  And with the constant reminder from Julie to “engage our core”, my abs also get a great workout.

All of this cross-training and off-the-bike fun is not only helping my hip joints and muscle strength now, but it is also creating super fun times with my teammates.  That to me is priceless!