Cool Whip or Whip in to Shape

Below a post by Silver Sage sponsored ProjectHero Veteran and Athlete-Extraordinaire


You’re sitting on the couch, polishing off the last of the pumpkin pie, when you realize you’re out of cool whip! You could lose an ear in some countries for running out of cool whip! Anyway, you drive to the store, on the way you pass a group of cyclists cruising along. You get to the store, take one look at the cool whip and decide you’re going to make a change! You head to a sports store, maybe because you think you can’t afford a bike from a bike shop. You find a pretty decent one on sale and begin your new journey!

After a few weeks of riding, the pain in your thighs, calves, butt, shoulders, arms, neck, are screaming at you to stop doing this! You don’t get it, riding a bicycle shouldn’t be so hard! It’s supposed to make you feel good, right? Here’s the answer, your size 12 feet are in a size 10 sandal with laces tied extremely tight!! You know when you go into a shoe store and the salesman or woman ask you to remove your shoe so they may measure your foot??? Well Sports Fans…it ain’t no different with a bike!

Enter Silver Sage Sports and Fitness Lab bike fitting with Julie Young. I brought in both of my bikes, one road, one time trial. Measure this…pedal, pedal, pedal! Tweak that…pedal, pedal, pedal! Raise this…pedal, pedal, pedal! Almost two hours later, I was sweaty, stiff, out of breath…and had two nearly brand new bikes that fit like gloves! Julie was amazing and this is why, because she cares, loves what she does, is very detail oriented, and knows exactly what she’s doing! Whether you purchase a $500 bike or a $5,000 one, it’s no different than buying a pair of $20 shoes or $200 shoes…they still need to fit right! Go see Julie and get on a bike that fits!!

Keep Spinning…