Silver Sage Center for Family Medicine

Community · Prevention · Economy · Balance · Academics

Our goal is to provide high quality health care for your entire family. We treat the whole spectrum of medical conditions ranging from simple ear and sinus infections to more complex problems like heart disease and cancer.


Helping people stay healthy takes more than individual office visits. SSCFM will work to support community programs and events that encourage healthy lifestyles.


Early screening for disease may allow people to enjoy better, healthier lives. SSCFM will work with quality improvement based organizations to evaluate our preventative medicine programs, ensuring that we are doing the best we can to help improve your health.


Our goal is to streamline office practices, maximize the use of office space and use existing computer technology to eliminate inefficiencies. We will also adopt “green” environmental practices to eliminate waste within the office.


Maintaining a balance is essential in all aspects of life. We at SSCFM believe we must balance new medical advances with evidienc based medicine and balance new communication technologies with personal interactions. In addition, our physicians and staff are encouraged to balance commitment to their work with commitment to their families and friends.


We feel a responsibility to the next generation of physicians as well as to the advancement of the science of medicine. SSCFM plans to work closely with the University of Nevada-Reno School of Medicine and to be involved with research projects coordinated through the American Academy of Family Physicians.